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Life is the Question


Time is the Answer

Story Weaver

Deep Speaker


CFox was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A significant portion of his youth was spent in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. Absorbing the best of both these worlds would lay the foundation for a fiery imagination.

Composing stories and rhymes at an early age, he developed his skill with words and eventually turned to music. He brings the imagery of his songs to life with a dramatic fury; accepting no limitations on his creativity.

CFox has stage, film, and radio credits. He has performed in Philadelphia City Council Chambers, The African American Historical and Cultural Museum, The Franklin Institute Science Museum, The New Uptown Theatre, and also the Riant Theatre in New York. He can also be seen as "Pop" in the NFL Films Production "Jolly Roger".

CFox can take U higher. His imagery can be fitted to most occasions. He can entertain large or small groups. Stories and Song lyrics can be made to order; involving family and friends if U wish.

We welcome the opportunity to raise your spirits and move your heart.